Childbirth Classes

Independent and alternative childbirth preparation classes enable families to learn about normal and natural labor, how to navigate labor and birth, how to work with their bodies, and how to work with their birth teams and place of birth.

As Houston Doula Cooperative classes are independent childbirth classes, our doulas are able to tailor-suit your childbirth class to fit your personal needs. We offer to teach classes in the privacy of your home, our homes, or at Bay Area Birth Center.

Benefits of an independent childbirth course:

    ·          you will not be limited in your education to what the hospital wants you to adhere to (i.e. policy and procedure)

    ·          you will learn a variety of coping techniques that have a focus on natural, active, and autonomous

    ·          you will learn about nutrition and exercise, staying healthy and low-risk for your pregnancy. Something that hospitals rarely do.

    ·          you will learn about parenting options and how to do them (i.e. baby wearing, cloth diapering, alternative

    ·          vaccination schedules, intact penis care for the newborn male, breastfeeding, and more)   you have the possibility/opportunity of having your course tailored for you, individually, and your needs

Interviewing a childbirth educator is very important when you choose to take an independent childbirth course. For more information on how to interview a childbirth educator, see here. And to see if your childbirth class is mother and baby-friendly, see here.


"I wish every woman could have the blessing of having her as part of their birth team! There really aren't enough words to descirbe what a valuable resource and support she is to mothers and families. As a Doula, a Counselor, an Encourager, and someone who knows lots of options and solutions for many different birth scenarios... she is invaluable. - Holly"

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