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Cole Deelah – Cole is a mother to 5 children, a doula, midwife assistant, placenta specialist, and childbirth educator. She has been serving families in the capacity of a doula for over 12 years. An avid blogger, she has written for such publications as The International Doula, Sacred Pregnancy, and Midwifery Today Magazine. She works to help women become empowered to make their own educated decisions and the best choices for their circumstances in labor and birth. Her hope is to dispel fear and anxiety over this blessed event through advocacy, education, and support. Further, she believes in a woman's right to make an educated choice about where and with whom to give birth.

Catrice Harris - As a Birth Doula and Community Educator, Catrice enjoys advocating for women and providing support with natural birth initiatives. She teaches a variety of classes for The Woman’s Hospital of Texas, and also works as an independent care provider. Her most rewarding role however, is mother to two daughters. Having struggled with a lack of breastfeeding support as a new mom, and also after very routine hospital birth experiences, she feels very fortunate to now have the opportunity to encourage women to listen to their inner voices and be active participants in their own care.

Caitlin Fisher - Caitlin is a mother of three sweet children. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and has worked in that field as well as childcare and as a hospice volunteer. The births of each of Caitlin’s children have been unique and influential in sparking her passion for birth. After the healing home birth of her last child, she decided to pursue doula work as a way to help other women find the joy in birth. It is Caitlin’s belief that each birth is sacred and special, no matter the circumstance, and that every mother deserves to birth in the way that she chooses. She strives to help mothers have the knowledge, support, and confidence necessary for a beautiful birth.

Heather Barrett - As a mother of 5 and long-time member of the natural birth community, Heather has developed a passion for pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. She is a birth doula, postpartum doula, and parenting educator, as well as aspiring midwife. Additionally, Heather founded and leads the Houston Birth Alternatives birth support group.

Kimberly Ramos - Kimberly is mom to one precocious daughter. She has a degree in physics and a background in the energy industry. In attempts to educate herself about her choices prior to her own birth, she read everything she could get her hands on, and she also hired a doula, thus kicking off her love affair with all things birth and babies. She approaches things from a “how and why does this work?” mindset, and her passion lies in providing information to new parents and helping them to make the best choices for themselves so that they can have the best possible and most empowering birth experience they can have.

Tauna Patterson - Tauna loves all things birth! As a birth doula, she serves families with her knowledge of birth and gentle intuition, respectfully supporting them in their choices. Tauna has a genuine desire to help educate families on available options in the Houston area and to connect them with the best possible local resources. Having a heart for hard birth situations, she strives to bring peace and compassion into each birth. Tauna has been attending births for over 18 years, experiencing many different aspects and preferences of delivery, and she considers it an honor to walk with each woman through their childbearing season.

Lesley Spradlin - Lesley is a wife and mother of 2. Lesley worked for the American Pregnancy Association where she found her passion for all things pregnancy and birth. She started her doula career in 2003, later becoming certified through both DONA and CAPPA. She trained as a postpartum doula in 2008 and became faculty for CAPPA as a Labor Doula Trainer in 2011. Lesley loves educating families on their options during pregnancy and birth, and then helping them find their natural role during the postpartum time. Over the years she has been witness to birth in many ways—and loves to help her clients truly find their voice in making the best choices for their families. As a doula trainer, she loves to help women find their “doula calling” and mentor them as they grow into professional doulas.

Stephi Anderson - Stephi has lived in Katy for most of her life. She is a mom of four, a wife, a daughter, and a sister. She believes that part of who we are as parents is influenced by how we are treated in pregnancy and birth, and she has found that her favorite place to be is next to a laboring mother. She is trained as a labor doula and placenta specialist, and is always working on ways to support new families. She learned as a young, single mother that true support can be very hard to find, especially when you don't know what you're looking for. Her passion is showing parents that no matter what has gone before, they have the power to choose what kind of people they will be as they grow and lead their families.


Catrice Harris - offering group classes, private classes, and lactation support classes

Cole Deelah - offering group one-day intensive classes (7 hours), and birth story workshops

Heather Barrett - offering parenting and postpartum group classes


Cole Deelah - offering both Raw and TCM methods of encapsulation, tincture, salve, truffles, smoothies, smoothie prep, prints, and pictures.

Stephi Anderson - Stephi offers placenta encapsulation (both raw and TCM method), tincture, salves, art, and keepsakes.


Catrice Harris - As a Postpartum Doula and Community Educator, Catrice enjoys advocating for women and providing support for new parents.

Heather Barrett - As a Postpartum Doula and Community Educator, Heather leads community support groups and a babywearing group in Sugar Land.

Lesley Spradlin - as a postpartum doula, Lesley offers lactation and postpartum support to families in home.

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"I can honestly say that my doula gave me the knowledge and physical support to get me through the birth. She did everything in her power to keep me in a positive calm state of mind. She had my back throughout my pregnancy, during my birth, and even now in my new challenge of motherhood." - Celina S.

My doula was a wonderful help to my husband and I. She stayed by our side through an incredibly long and tough labor. We are so glad we had her by our side to help us get through.—Mom to baby Girl 

When the time finally came to birth my son, my doula was by my side! She anticipated my needs during labor and was there for every contraction to provide me with physical and emotional support.